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VAT Trading Companies

When it comes to trading with EU companies, it is essential to have VAT number nowadays. VAT registration can allow you apply 0% VAT for goods and services sold from one EU State to another. For a lot of EU partners, VAT number of your company can be an evidence of substance. This is why, when choosing to establish an EU intermediary trading company, VAT question will always come up.
VAT compliance in many EU states has become strict nowadays. Below we will list EU jurisdictions, which are easier to work with VAT.


Latvia is a top choice EU trading country. Corporate tax is only 15%, VAT compliance is manageable, maintenance of the company is not too expensive. IBCC offers its clients shelf companies with valid VAT number. Whereas the company transfer and bank account opening can be arranged remotely. Receive our price offer and available shelf companies list.


Cyprus is recovering from recent bank crisis, and is returning to companies formation sphere as a popular VAT trading jurisdiction. VAT number is easy to obtain for any new business, given the company can provide to the tax office some invoices or proformas at time of registration. VAT number can be registered sometimes within only 4-5 business days or even earlier. VAT returns in Cyprus are filed quarterly. Bank accounts can be opened remotely. There is always a list of shelf companies available already inclusive nominee Director & Shareholder services. Receive our price offer and available shelf companies list.


Austria is sophisticated EU jurisdiction and one of the most wanted locations for international businesses. IBCC offers full packages for clients including company and bank account set-up, VAT registration and nominee director services. Corporate Income Tax in Austria is standardly 25%. However, there are opportunities to apply tax minimizing structures. Ask more information.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the most reputable locations for European business. The Dutch B.V. can be started here with full substance including the Dutch bank account, local Director and office. VAT registration normally goes smoothly within 10 business days. Although, company maintenance is not the cheapest and the taxes are not the lowest, overall the Netherlands is high convenient and efficient location in Europe. Receive our price offer and available shelf companies list.

VAT matters are complex. Contact us for proper application of VAT structure and for the best choice of EU company for your business. Our initial advice is free of charge.