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What is The Value of the Latvian Company?

In today’s constantly changing business environment a Latvian company is opted by the foreign investors more than ever.

Let’s try to understand the values and the reasons of the growing popularity of the Latvian Limited Company in the modern reality.

VALUE #1: Tax Residency and Substance
Recently this value outweighed all the other reasons of setting up companies in other EU jurisdictions, such as economical stability or prestige. Here in Latvia we can provide in days and at the lowest costs a complete combination of all required substance parameters:
1) office, employee and local director;
2) telephone answering services, correspondence address, set-up and hosting of the web-site and e-mails;
3) business Schengen visas or Residence Permit for directors and owners, if required.

Read more about Substance for the Latvian Company and ask IBCC for the most appropriate substance package for your business.

VALUE #2: Efficient Banking System
The open-minded banks in Latvia have long been favoured by the international businessmen. Latvian banks offer fast transactions at reasonable fees, multiple currency accounts, highly technological and secure internet banking.
Moreover, IBCC offers a unique account opening service in cooperation with major Latvian banks. Contact us for more information.

VALUE #3: Low Taxation
Optimizing taxes is on the agenda of any businessman. In Latvia Corporate Income Tax is only 15%, one of the lowest rates in EU. Withholding tax on dividends is 0% with proper structuring. Ask IBCC how to structure.

VALUE #4: Quick Start with VAT Trading
There are not so many jurisdictions left that offer possibility of purchasing a shelf company with an active VAT number. Latvia can! With IBCC expedited services you will have access to your fully operative EU Company with VAT within days. Contact us and receive an instant quote and a shelf list of available companies.

Certainly there are other values to mention, such as economical connection between the East and the West, access to main EU Directives, vast list of DDTs, Euro Zone and Schengen Zone. Certainly there will be cons too, of which an honest tax advisor will tell you about. When choosing an EU jurisdiction we will help you consider all pros and cons. We will insure you choose the right company for your business.
Contact IBCC and receive our First Stop Advice.