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Value Added Tax

Compare European VAT-registered Companies

VAT Registration VAT Return Other factors
Commonly Shelf companies with registered VAT are not offered, although VAT registration procedure is usually straightforward. VAT registration usually takes 5-10 business days. Ask now.
Most often VAT and VIES returns are filed quarterly. The overall flexibility of the Cyprus tax system makes it also a popular choice for intermediary trading with VAT.
VAT registration is usually straightforward and takes from 7 to 14 business days.
Shelf companies with valid VAT numbers are available. Ask now.
VAT reporting periods vary, depending on the turnover. Nevertheless, wherever other EU companies are involved in trading transactions, VAT returns are filed monthly. The Latvian VAT system of Returns and VAT Refunds is one of the most efficient and least bureaucratic in Europe.
Convenient geographic location between Western Europe and CIS countries is also a favorable factor coupled with traditionally efficient customs regulations.
VAT registration is considered to be a complex matter in Ireland. Thus purchasing a Shelf Company with VAT number is highly recommended. Ask now.
VAT return is normally filed each quarter. Probably the most valuable factor in favor of Ireland is a possibility to use the Agency Structure in the system of trading with VAT.
Very fast registration process. VAT is obtained within 1-2 days after company incorporation. Ask now. VAT return is normally filed monthly or quarterly. Convenient Central European location makes this jurisdiction attractive not only as an intermediary player, but also useful for actual supply of goods when necessary.

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