Substance issues are becoming more strict within Europe for tax purposes, therefore, some clients may prefer to have more physical substance for their companies.  Substance issues usually arise when local tax authorities request proof that management and control and main activity of the company take place in the country of registration. 

First of all there is no panacea on how to fill your company with substance. But there are many good pluses one can benefit from:

  • bank account in same jurisdiction. With IBCC Introduction services bank accounts at certain banks can be opened remotely.
  • bookkeeping is maintained at the registered address of the company.
  • telephone, e-mail and web-site. We offer Virtual office with dedicated telephone line and secretary answering service, correspondence address with mail forwarding, web site domain and e-mail address registration.
  • physical office. A physical office is definitely profound proof of a company being operated from its location.
  • local salaried employee. Even a part time accountant may be sufficient to proof business location.
  • presence of local operations. Having local clients and vendors make a big difference.
  • logistics. If you have a choice to run the products through the country of your company, do it.
  • resident director. Professional services of nominee resident director are highly recommended over so-called “passive”nominees.
  • personal visits. If client is a board member himself, it is suggested to make personal visits to your company location whenever board member decisions are protocolled. For 3rd country nationals,visas issued specifically to the company’s jurisdictions for professional purposes are recommended.

The above is relevant for European resident companies not only after the tax authorities start tax interrogations. Maintaining proper substance of the company is crucial in the eyes of your European partners and clients. In this respect, offshore companies owners may want to enhance their image by using an EU presencewith an EU correspondence address & telephone or EU bank account. See our special offer.

upgrade your offshore company image