Scottish LP with EU merchant account

Internet stores are gaining extreme popularity in today’s business society. More and more business people tend to sell their products and services via internet, because the clients can place their orders and settle quickly with credit cards, and business owners, from the other hand, can receive payments easily.
You have most likely know well what merchant account is. If not please read more on our web site.
For most business owners it is essential that the transactions run fast and with minimum costs, that the bank is located in SEPA (i.e. EU) zone, and that the company is not overloaded with legal or accounting obligations.

Here at IBCC we have been offering clients from all over the world the most effective solution combining in one bundle:

EU Company:
Scottish LP: tax transparent, confidencial, reputable structure, with no requirements to submit accounting statements
EU Corporate Account
with client’s full control, low transaction costs, modern and safe internet banking
EU Merchant Account
with processing platform based at the same bank with the corporate account, making it easy for the client to receive funds from the online payments

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For our initial review please send us url to your web site and description of your business.

Our First Stop Advice is free of charge! We will guide for the easiest way to open your merchant account. You do not have to have previous processing history. But if necessary we will suggest improvements to your website in order to correspond to the bank requirements. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions.

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