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Virtual Offices

Wherever you are located, your business can operate without the high cost of supporting an office and staff. IBCC has access to virtual office facilities anywhere in Europe. Our goal is to help you quickly establish a virtual office so that you can concentrate on running your business.

What is a Virtual Office? A Virtual Office is a complete office solution for those who do not need a physical office presence for their company. It includes access to a street mailing address, telephone and fax number. The street mailing address can also be used as your company’s legal address, if necessary.

Virtual Office Services are ideal for:

  • Frequent business travellers who do not have the need for a physical office space
  • Those who require an office identity but work on a limited budget
  • Those who require several international locations for business
  • New business start-ups who cannot yet justify the cost of setting up a permanent office


Below are Virtual Office features to promote your company in a professional manner:

  • Telephone answering and forwarding, fax forwarding and messaging, using your company’s name
  • Meeting and conference facilities
  • Secretarial assistance


Substance Office

Substance issues are becoming more strict within Europe for tax purposes, therefore, some clients may prefer to have more physical substance instead of using only virtual office services.  Substance issues usually arise when local tax authorities request proof that the activity of the company takes place in the country where the company was registered.

IBCC can provide the substance office service in various European locations such as in Latvia and Cyprus in the form of a local employee, who will work for a limited number of hours per month at the legal address of your company, as well as an agreement for renting local office space. The employee will be hired by your company to provide various administrative tasks (such as sending out invoices to your suppliers, responding to telephone calls, etc). Your company will be responsible for payment of the employee\’s minimum wage and related wage and social taxes as well as rent for the small office space.

For further information on IBCC’s virtual office services and substance office services, please contact us.

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