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Trade mark registration


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Trade mark registration

With continuous growth of international trade and the use of the Internet, trade mark protection becomes increasingly important. Registration of a brand as a trade mark grants the owner a statutory monopoly in the mark, which means they would have the right to sue for infringement, when another party uses the same or a confusingly similar brand relating to the same or similar goods/services to those covered by your registration.

Registered trade marks are a transferable property right which add value to a balance sheet and can substantially contribute to the success of a business being a strong marketing tool which attracts customers.

We will assist you with every step of the trademark registration process:

  • Advising on the correct requirements for the registration of brands as trade marks
  • Trade mark creation process, guidance and legal advice
  • Trade mark registrations in all countries worldwide
  • Design and logo registrations


Advantages of registering a brand

  • Registration acts as a proof of ownership and entitlement to the trade mark.
  • Registration grants a statutory monopoly in the mark. Even if a competitor comes to the idea totally independently at a later date, the owner of the trade mark registration has the right to take action for infringement, even without proof of actual damage.
  • Registration can be obtained up to 5 years before the brand is to be used.
  • Registered brands can have value, be transferred, or the rights to use the mark can be licensed for financial gain.
  • Unlike patents and designs, Trade Marks remain registered as long as the renewal fees are paid every 10 years.
  • Any individual or corporate body may register a trade mark.


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