Simple offshore solutions


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Simple offshore solutions

Vast number of trading operation does not require complex corporate structures nor sophisticated tax planning. For pure trading operations a regular tax haven company may be quite sufficient.

So, you are looking for a company which must be:

  • Without tax
  • Without accounting reporting
  • With remote bank account opening
  • With full apostilled document set and nominee services
  • With maximum confidentiality

Basically, all classical tax havens will correspond to the above requirements and will more likely suit your trading business. However, there are differences between the offshore companies, which are interesting to know about. Here below we list the most popular offshore jurisdictions.


If you choose a company registered in the British Virgin Islands, be ready to submit more information for compliance than in any other offshore state. A comprehensive compliance is the requirement of the BVI law, rather than your Registered Agent. Besides passport copy and utility bill you will be asked to submit your CV and details on the planned activity of the company (turnover, geography of business, etc.). Plus, you must inform your Registered Agent on the Accounting Records address of your company (the address where invoices, contracts, etc. Will be stored).

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Thanks to its simplicity and low costs this comparatively new tax haven has become extremely popular. Seychelles Registered Agents turn out to provide faster service than in BVI. Alike BVI, Seychelles as well demand to declare the Accounting Records address. We must note that this information is held only by the Registered Agent and is not public. Seychelles banks are considered ones of the most confidential in the world.

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Belize is a totally independant state. Unlike a lot other offshores, Belize companies can conclude contracts with same type Belize IBCs and hold accounts at Belize banks. Belize banks are considered most stable offshore banks.

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If you choose Panama, your company will have 3 Directors, whose names will be shown in public records. Your company documents will be in Spanish, thus the banks can ask certified English translation. We will also note, the this year Panama cancelled bearer shares. In all the rest, this is a very popular and easy to use offshore.

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Marshall Islands

Marshall Island gain extreme popularity lately. Here you can still have bearer shares, which do not have to be kept at the Registered Agent’s office. Here you do not have to declare Accounting Records address neither. The Companies Registrar of the Marshall Islands is one of the most confidential in the world.

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Nevis is a trendy offshore for asset protection and basically, for any type of business, including trading securities and real estate. Nevis companies, bothe LLC and Corporations, are considered one of the most flexible and confidential structures in the world.
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