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New offshore solutions

Not all offshore companies are treated equally by partners and tax authorities. Quite often more sophisticated low tax structures are demanded for trading and holding, rather than companies registered in tax havens (as Panama, Belize or BVI). Let us review few prestige, yet low tax solutions, that can substitute a simple offshore.

Scottish LP

As long as your Scottish Limited Partnership consists of 2 offshore members and does not trade in the UK, such LP is considered a tax transparent entity. Another reason of Scottish LP popularity is that it is an EU structure. Moreover, there is no requirement to submit financial statements to the UK tax office.
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Canadian LP

A Canadian LP is designed similarly to the Scottish LP. It is as well a white-listed structure. Moreover, there will be no need to deal with VAT, as the LP is registered outside the EU.
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If you choose Gibraltar company, than its income is entirely not taxed, given the Company’s bank account is not held in Gibraltar and your partners are not based in Gibraltar. Gibraltar is located in the European Union, however, it is not included into EU VAT zone. Gibraltar companies must submit annual financial statements.
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Hong Kong

This prestige offshore has long been acknowledged for international trading, especially if you trade with China or other Asian countries. Hong Kong has concluded a vast number of Double Tax Treaties, thus it can suite for concluding contracts better than a classic tax haven company. Hong Kong companies must submit annual financial statements.
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Singapore is probably the most prestigious low tax jurisdiction, where one can use either territorial tax regime benefits (Singapore company is tax transparent if its income is not received on the Singapore bank account and does not trade with Singapore companies) or one can use a tax resident structure and still enjoy numerous tax allowances. Singapore company is a bit more complicated for structuring (for example, it must have a Singapore resident Director) and tax planning. But the advantages of this prestige jurisdiction cannot be underestimated. Your IBCC tax consultant will discuss with you all the details of structuring and tax planning.
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United Arab Emirates

It is a very interesting jurisdiction, where you can register a simple offshore company (RAK Offshore) or an onshore resident company (such companies submit audited financial statements and must rent an office in UAE). In both cases a UAE company is completely non-taxed. Moreover, you can open a corporate bank account at one of the Dubai banks, which have become quite popular lately.
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