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IRELAND WANTS YOU… a “Paradise” for IT Companies in Europe

Establish your business in Europe’s “Silicon Valley” today!


Advantages of establishing your IT business in Ireland:

  • PRESTIGE – make your business more attractive to potential investors
  • EU RESIDENCY – Fast track to Irish residency – start living and working in Ireland immediately
  • NO RED TAPE – Ireland’s stable, business-friendly environment & transparent tax legislation ensure less hassle in dealing with government officials. Ireland has a vested interest in ensuring your business becomes successful.
  • LESS TAX – Substantial tax exemptions for research & development and grants are available for innovative IT products or projects, which allow you to save money & invest more in your business’ development.
  • WORKFORCE – high level IT professionals and managers are right around the corner
  • LIFESTYLE – Enjoy the lifestyle of a European capital like Dublin, without the high cost of living – Dublin is still less expensive than other cities like Zurich, London, or Paris


… and when it comes to living in Ireland:

Ireland’s reasonable cost of living can ensure a better life for you and your family. Whether it be in Dublin or Cork, you can have the lifestyle you have always wanted. Everything is manageable within a day – start with a short walk to your office, then go to the gym or enjoy a beer at a traditional Irish pub later. Great nature parks only a short ride away. Enjoy the Irish steady and comfortable lifestyle without any haste and traffic jams.

Give the best opportunity for your children’s future – Ireland is home to globally renowned schools and universities. Educate them from an early age in an international environment and they will speak English like a native. They will have a better start in life with greater opportunities.


How can I start?

Tell us your project plans and let us take care of all the rest:

  • Find the optimal residency and legal entity set-up solution for you & your business
  • Help you generate a business plan which complies with Irish requirements
  • Manage all company registration and bank account set up formalities
  • Expertly manage your visa and residency permit applications
  • Provide ongoing support with legal, tax and accounting requirements