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Bank activity

Unscheduled communication with banks is not uncommon. What do you do if a bank representative unexpectedly requests a report for a certain period or documents that you currently do not have at hand?

Despite the inconvenience, the request must be met. Some examples of documents often requested by banks include: an extended current account statement from another bank, tax payment orders, or a request to supply a copy of any contract entered into by your company during a specific period.

We have often encountered such situations and helped our clients – preparing the required reports within a few business days is what we do. In addition, we are increasingly contacted with requests for confirmation of the validity of extraordinary dividend payments. However, complicated the sentence above – and the procedure itself – sound, the bank needs to ensure transparency as these types of transactions are often flagged as suspicious by the staff of financial institutions. You can count on us for quick responses; preparing of a routine report takes approximately 2 days.

We are at your immediate service for these and other issues, because your financial standing is important not only to the bank, but to yourself, as well. Let us assume you want to find to see financial reports for your company for the last 3, 4, or 6 months, or for the 3rd quarter of last year. We can provide you with current reports and in-depth analysis of the financial data up to the present moment.

As you already know, our core activity is comprehensive support of clients with representation abroad – companies with no office, but represented in offshore areas. From incorporation to dissolution and, if required, for a very long time ahead. We have experience with all kinds of financial requests and can help our clients to make the process easy and efficient. While we offer turnkey services to clients who want a full package, we also make it convenient for you to receive any of our services separately.

Even if you do not have a physical office in your area of representation, accounting records are still required. What solution can we offer? Our accountants, who will take on your company as a case in any jurisdiction, including monthly accounting records for all companies in any jurisdiction. Welcome!