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Nominee Services

Nominee services of directors & shareholders have been used in corporate structures for decades. There are certain reasons why beneficial owners choose to enter into an agreement with nominee directors or “shadow directors”:


Although there certainly are legal documents pointing to actual ownership and control of the company (declaration of trust, power of attorney), nominee officers are featured on official records of the company, allowing the beneficiaries to remain invisible to the public eye. As an added buffer, there are professional full service nominee officers such as licensed attorneys and trustees, who manage the complete company structure on behalf of the client, including the bank account.

Corporate and tax compliance

In some jurisdictions, corporate requirements foresee only resident directors as acceptable for registration purposes as well as for tax compliance. Hence, local nominee directors are chosen to represent the company.

Tax residence

In the EU, a local, resident director is often one of the factors that proves a company\’s tax resident status. Therefore, it is often suggested to incorporate such a director within the company structure.


For most offshore jurisdictions, nominee services are a natural part of the package deal. We strive to offer nominee officers with an excellent reputation and professional background.

Please consult with us  to choose the right nominee officer for your company.

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