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Panama offshore company formation

Panama non-resident corporations are primarily designed for use outside of Panama and may not carry on business in Panama. They are a popular choice because of their administrative ease, privacy features, tax exempt status and they are widely recognised by the worldwide financial community.

Panama offshore company Key features

  • No minimum share capital requirement
  • Minimum number of directors is three (non-resident and corporate directors allowed)
  • Shareholders are not on public record
  • Names and addresses of the directors are a matter of public record. (Nominee directors are customary)
  • No requirement for filing of financial accounts or audit
  • Shelf companies available immediately! Ask now!

Popular panama offshore company applications

  • the holding / ownership of investments and assets, such as real estate or shares or other property
  • commercial transactions and international trading operations
  • asset protection vehicles
  • consultancy and personal service companies

Panama offshore company Taxation

Non-resident corporation in Panama has a tax-free status, including exemption on all income tax, dividends, interest, rents, royalties, and capital gains from the sale of company shares.

In place of tax, there is a fixed annual government fee, as well as an annual registered agent fee.

How do I proceed with company registration in Panama?