More than bookkeeping

Outsourced accounting is surely opted over in-house bookkeeper for international business. It is already proved that outsourcing accounting firm saves you time and money. But in the modern business environment investors are always looking for something more than pure bookkeeping.

IBCC offers you full accounting and consulting support in Latvia, Cyprus, Denmark, Ireland and other European countries. Our services are aimed at:

  • Establishing substance and legal presence in Latvia
  • Financial and managerial accounting
  • Assistance with your accounting services and documents arrangement during start-up phase.
  • Your business and profits optimization when it comes to the taxes

The benefits of working with IBCC are:

  • over 20 years of accounting outsourcing experience
  • complete help to analyse your needs and offer consulting knowledge
  • accounting of any complexity for new business and for existing one as well

Our goal is to optimize your business and profits when it comes to the taxes. Contact us now and see what IBCC can offer your business.

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