Ireland becomes EU “Silicon Valley”.

Over the past 10 years Ireland took leading place in IT market segment in EU and still growing.

Main figures of the Review of Ireland’s Information & Communication Technology (ICT) industry:

  • Employs over 105,000 people.
  • Employment rose by 40% since 2010. 
  • Ireland is home to the top 10 technology companies in the world, as well as the top 5 security companies, top 3 enterprise software companies, and top 10 ‘born on the internet’ companies.
  • Dublin’s ‘Silicon Docks’ is the centre of tech activity in Ireland.
  • Demand for ICT professionals will grow at 5% per year through 2018. 
  • There will be a dramatic increase in ICT graduates between 2013-2018:
    • Level 8 Computer Graduates: 69% increase.
    • Level 9 Computer Graduates: 50% increase.
    • Level 8 Electronic Engineering Graduates: 106% increase.
    • Level 9 Electronic Engineering Graduates: 164% increase.
  • Springboard is providing 1,800 student places across 50 ICT conversion courses in 2016.
  • Ireland’s international work permit scheme attracts some of the best  international tech professionals.
  • ICT salaries have risen moderately in Dublin and Cork but remain stable elsewhere. Regional ICT salaries are particularly competitive.
  • Cloud computing, data analytics, cybersecurity and the internet of things are sectors of ICT that will experience strong growth in the next 5 years.
  • With a strong talent pool, large base of tech companies, and strong government supports in training and research funding, the outlook for the ICT industry in Ireland is strong.


The Information &Communication Technology (ICT) sector directly employs over 105,000 people in Ireland and computer services are responsible for 22% of our national exports. It is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Irish economy, with employment up 40% since 2010. Roughly 75% of those working in the sector are employed by multinationals and we are home to the ten biggest technology companies in the world. Ireland’s ICT sector covers a wide range of activities from hardware manufacturing to software development, as well as digital content creation, IT security, cloud computing, telecoms, and technical support services. This diversity ensures the ICT sector in Ireland has a broad skills base, making the country an attractive investment opportunity for multinational firms. There has been a significant number of companies investing in Ireland in recent years, witha considerable number of jobs created as a result. Correctly managing the supply of ICT skills will be the critical task in maintaining growth in the sector.

Reference Collins McNicholas


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