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Ireland Company formation

Over the last 20 years Ireland has become a leader in the global IT market and now it is outpacing others in the EU in the field of attracting foreign investments.  This is due to the excellent reputation and business-friendly legislation.

Companies in Ireland

Solutions for IT Companies

It is not a secret that throughout the latest decades IT has become the fastest growing and the most profitable industry of the global economy: new branches are being developed, companies are established and teams of developers are formed.

Ireland is Mecca for IT businesses in Europe. Companies like Google, Accenture, Kaspersky and many others have made Ireland a centre for their business interests in the EU. And it is not by coincidence! There are simply no better conditions for IT in the EU! Stable legislation, tax exemptions, government support and many other factors make Ireland an ideal place for developers as well as investors.


Choosing Ireland for your business gives you an opportunity:

  • To develop your business in the European Si