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Ireland Company formation

A company established in Ireland will benefit from the relatively low taxation, reputable EU location and overall flexibility of doing business there.

Companies in Ireland

Ireland is an English-speaking, common-law jurisdiction and is a long established EU Member State. Since Brexit, many international corporations have decided to make Ireland the center for their business interests in the EU.

Companies trading within the European Union can take advantage of stable legislation, low corporate tax rate of 12,5%, government support and many other factors that make Ireland an ideal place for trading companies, software developers as well as investors.

Through our professional partners, choosing Ireland for your business will give you the opportunity to:

  • To develop your business in the European Silicon Valley
  • Save on taxes – only 12,5% profit tax
  • Set up your company’s base in Western Europe for your business
  • Take advantage of Ireland’s extensive double tax treaties

Bring your business to a new level! Contact us and we will:

Explain the basics as a foreigner setting up your business in Ireland to avoid any unknowns, unnecessary pitfalls and delays, including:

  • determining the best company structure for your needs
  • explaining what to expect from the company registration process, including timeframes and requirements
  • recommending where best to open bank accounts for your Irish company
  • choosing a reliable accounting partner in Ireland
  • explaining the VAT number registration process in Ireland

Trading Companies

Trading Company

Ireland attracts all types of businesses including those in general trading, software development, medical technology and the pharmaceutical industries.


  • Corporate Income Tax is 12,5 % - one of the lowest in the EU
  • Extensive double taxation agreements
  • Great opportunities for new companies to receive grants, tax allowances and investments from Irish government agencies for innovative IT products or services


  • The limited company must have at least 1 EU resident director (private person)
  • A minimum of 1 share at 1 EUR required for a single member company
  • Local registered office required
  • Company secretary required (can be EU private person or EU corporate entity), cannot be the same person as the director

Irish Partnerships

For international businesses, the structure of the partnership enables payment of taxes not in Ireland but at the place of registration of partners.

  • Irish limited partnership (ILP) must consist of at least one general partner and one limited partner (package offered by us includes services by two offshore corporate partners)
  • Ireland is not blacklisted and is a respectable jurisdiction
  • The general partner bears an unlimited responsibility for the management of the partnership, and the limited partner bears responsibility only to the extent of its capital investment and all revenue foregone
  • Both natural and legal persons from any country can become a partner
  • The amount of the company contributed capital is determined by the partners
  • A legal address in Ireland is required

How to start?

Describe your project for us, and we will find the optimum solution to ensure success of your business in Ireland.