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Company formation in UK

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s great trading powers and financial centers, and its economy ranks among the second largest in Western Europe (behind Germany). The UK is no tax haven, but it does have relatively low tax rates compared with other European countries. Generally speaking, when part of an international trading group and if properly structured, UK tax can be minimized or entirely eliminated for a UK company.

UK company Key features

UK Limited (UK Ltd.) the following characteristics:


  • At least 1 Director must be a private person.
  • Minimum share capital is £2
  • Directors and Shareholders are featured on public records. But nominee are customary.
  • VAT number (optional): You will be required to have a UK office and UK bank account for VAT registration purposes. Please contact us for more details.
  • Financial statements is to be submitted for each fiscal year.
  • Company formation packages available Ask now!

UK LLPs have the following characteristics:


  • Minimum two partners (our package includes 2 offshore corporate partners)
  • LLPs do not have share capital, rather “capital” that is contributed by the partners (the amount is determined by the partners
  • No UK corporate tax if profits are