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Malta company formation

Malta is EU member since 2004. It has been a focus for European business community for decades. Its highly competitive tax regime ensures the lowest effective corporate tax rate within European Union. Besides tax advantages investors appreciate English as official language, EUR-zone convenience and professional accounting and corporate environment.

Malta company Key features

  • Minimum number of directors is 1 (ideally a local nominee director). However, the company may have foreign directors, including corporate directors.
  • If Director is a private person, one shareholder is permitted. With Corporate Director the Company must have at least 2 shareholders (nominee services are available).
  • Company secretary is required.
  • Share capital is €1,250
  • Amount of State duty depends on the size of share capital (with share capital up to €1,500 State Duty is €390)
  • Beneficial Owner is disclosed to the Company Regi