Canadian LP as an alternative to UK partnerships

Foreign investors have been long favoring UK non-resident partnerships like UK LLP or Scottish LP. They offer tax-free structure and are easy to manage. However, when working with EU clients or vendors such entities often face EU VAT issues. Both VAT registration and VAT administration, including VAT declarations and related reports, are quite challenging items, which turn such partnerships into time and money consuming structures.

How to exit VAT zone and retain respectable jurisdiction image?
Our solution is Canadian Liability Partnership

  • Registered address in Ontario
  • Confidential nominee structure
  • Legalized documents package
  • Outside of VAT zone
  • Bank account in EU bank without personal visit


Moreover, Canadian LPs feature all the benefits of any conventional offshore:

  • Easy to manage
  • No requirements to file financial accounts
  • Fast registration
  • Cost-effective


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upgrade your offshore company image