Business in Cyprus promises luck – it’s on the cards!

Business in Cyprus promises luck – it’s on the cards!

 We often hear from our clients “just not Cyprus, please”, when discussing options for creating a business in Europe.  Many have an unfairly biased attitude towards this jurisdiction. Of course, there is no smoke without fire and such mistrust has its historical reasons. However, today’s Cyprus differs drastically from Cyprus in the past – at the beginning and at the peak of its crisis. The restoration path after the events of the year 2013 was difficult and for some, painful. Nevertheless, the country managed to get through difficult times and already has positive economic indicators which show stable growth.

Contrary to what others think, Cyprus is not an offshore jurisdiction. Cyprus companies do not have zero tax rates like the typical tax haven, rather a respectable fixed corporate rate of 12,5%. Those who already have businesses in Cyprus, as well as those who are currently establishing one, understand this very well. Even in times of global de-offshorization, Cyprus remains one of those countries with very reliable, reasonable and acceptable requirements for global entrepreneurs.

Cyprus does not need to be advertised – its advantages are obvious. It is enough to mention membership in the EU and Eurozone with one of the lowest corporate tax rates. It is possible to register for VAT and establish tax residency to benefit from double taxation treaties.

At last, it worth to say, that Cyprus is the jurisdiction allowing you to save your money, not only on registration and administration of the company, but also on opening and operation of the bank account.

The IBCC distinction:

  • We always take the time to learn our client’s needs, their background and available budget to find out if the Cyprus company package would fit their activity profile.
  • We analyze our clients on an individual basis to be able to offer a package containing only the items and services they require.
  • We are able to educate our clients on why they needed this package and what are the gains to be made, carefully explaining the steps and stages.


How do I start?

Describe your project for us and we will do all the paperwork:

  • We will find the optimum solution for ensuring success of your business in Cyprus.
  • Ready-to-operate solutions – we will register the company, develop a business structure in accordance with your requirements and provide professional tax, accounting and legal services. We value your time and money!
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