Bank Accounts


Bank Accounts

We can introduce our clients with offshore and European companies to banks located in Denmark, Cyprus, Estonia, Hong Kong, Latvia, Lithuania and Switzerland.

If the intention of the client is to open a new European company with European headquarters, it is possible to open the bank account in the same European country as the company itself.

Our bank account introduction is a professional service provided by IBCC to European or Offshore company owners as an approved bank intermediary. While we cannot guarantee the bank will open an account for every client, by using our professional expertise, we can significantly increase the success rate for account opening. We also can reduce potential application hold ups with incorrect or missing documents that the client may not have been aware of.

Factors we consider when recommending banks for account opening: client’s citizenship and country of residence, types of transactions involved (trading / manufacturing / real estate / investment), volume of payment transfers, investment requirements, confidentiality, soft currency requirements, as well as language issues when communicating with the bank.

To find out more about how IBCC can help you solve your banking requirements, please contact us.

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