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 We are in the business to assist clients in licensing new banks, and to broker the sale/purchase of existing international banks in offshore jurisdictions.

As an overview, we assist qualified clients with successfully achieving their own offshore bank license in the attractive Caribbean tax haven of St. Vincent for just USD 98,000. Bank licensing also includes a correspondent bank relationship with a major bank in the country, an invaluable asset for a newly established bank.

Please contact us for more details on the bank that interests you and their specific requirements.


In the past ten years, it has become an increasing challenge to obtain a Class A banking license offshore as there are few good jurisdictions that still extend this potentiality. In our opinion, St. Vincent offers every benefit available anywhere, and the price to secure licensing with all fees paid is only USD 98,000.

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) has monitored international banks in St. Vincent for the past 25 years, insuring a high-level credibility to the local banking industry.

A Class A banking license provides full power and authority to conduct all types of banking business traditionally conducted by banks in North America and Europe. Your bank will be able to issue Certificates of Deposit and all other forms of bank paper, can trade currencies, make all types of investments worldwide on behalf of the bank and its clientele, conduct interest rate swaps, offer mortgages, perform all forms of lending with no limits, provide personal and corporate bank accounts denominated in many major or minor currencies, offer credit and debit cards, and all other services typically found in banking. This bank may perform banking anywhere in the world, except in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. However, the bank is required to have a local office and maintain a minimum of two local personnel, a full-time clerk and a part-time bank manager. This office and staff can also serve as your communication point.

At the time of licensing – typically about 90 days after making application – the bank must be capitalized with a minimum of US million in cash, listed securities and/or other assets, such as precious metals, of which the bank must maintain liquid (cash) reserves of a minimum of USD 98,000 on deposit with the Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ltd. (formerly the National Commercial Bank (SVG) Ltd.).

A Class A international banking license is quite a valuable asset, and provides maximum powers and authority to conduct banking business worldwide, providing access to the international banking system and financial markets. Upon licensing, your bank will have a correspondent bank relationship established with the Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ltd., one of the most important elements of your bank. Correspondent bank relationships are not easily obtainable, and although they can take time to develop, as your bank grows, additional correspondent relationships can be arranged with major banks in other parts of the world, such as Commerzbank in Germany, or other banks located in the Middle East and Australia.


  • Register a St. Vincent International Business Company (IBC) and appoint a local registered agent. This company will become the vehicle which then makes formal application for the banking license on your behalf. Shareholders must be identified and only registered shares may be issues, no bearer shares are permitted. Corporate shareholders are permitted, but all beneficial ownership information must be provided as noted in point 3. *The client should be a sophisticated and knowledgeable investor and businessperson with financial experience (banking experience ideal) and personally financially solvent.
  • Once the IBC is incorporated, the bank license application will be prepared in the form and content acceptable to the jurisdiction so that there are no delays in obtaining approval.
  • Certain due diligence information will be furnished with the application. The purpose of due diligence is to confirm that no principals have a criminal record, and that all are solvent and financially strong. We will assist with guiding the applicant(s) in compiling the correct information and documentation and arranging the presentation properly for success. The due diligence work typically takes three weeks to be approved. Due diligence is performed on each shareholder, director, and senior management person, of which a minimum of one is required, and a single individual may perform multiple, or all the roles if desired. Therefore, if qualified, the client may himself be the same director and shareholder.
  • Licensing is usually granted in approximately 90 days from submitting the application together with due diligence information. Therefore, total timeframe could take up to 3 – 4 months, including the review of due diligence information.


Please contact us for more details on the bank that interests you and their specific requirements